Lauren Ross was born in Little York, NJ, in 1984. Her formative years were spent enjoying the beautiful landscape of Northern, NJ. Through this exposure was found her passion for art in all forms, painting, drawing, fashion design, writing, and photography.

This led to studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and spending a year in Florence, Italy. Always the student and explorer of the arts her love deepened as she traveled Europe to understand more than just beauty, but the mechanics behind what we see. 

After graduating with a B.S. in International Merchandising Management, Lauren worked at Saks Fifth Avenue as a Senior Planner focusing on business strategy for Saks and fashion brand partners.


After leaving Saks Fifth Avenue, Lauren Ross Design was created. Her love of art, golf, skiing, fitness, travel, dining, fashion, organic cooking, and equestrian solidified her belief that the highest expression of art is life itself. Lauren believes the glue holding this beautiful world together are unseen components beyond our full understanding.



“I believe everything in Life is a form of Art.  Paintings, photography, sculptures, music, fashion, writing, nature, math, science, astronomy, architecture, physics…and the list goes on. Lauren Ross Design is dedicated to creating Art in all forms to share with the world, to inspire, to challenge the status quo and to start conversations. LIFE IS ART.”  Lauren Ross