How To Buy Art Online

You have searched the world for the best decor, furniture and lighting, now it’s time for the final piece in the puzzle, the artwork. Just like your furniture choices, your art can change the entire feel and energy of a room. There are numerous options to be found from photography, art prints, and original paintings, and we’ve rounded up the top tips to consider and 16 example pieces to shop. With a wide range of art styles at every price point, buying art online has become easier than ever before.

Things To Consider When Buying Art Online:

1. Connection - Art is an emotional and visual pursuit. It has the ability to change the frequency of a space. Explore how the artwork personally affects you. Determine what piece, if seen everyday, will invigorate you. Choose what you connect to.

2. Artist - Know who made the artwork. Understanding the artist, their motivation and history can be a valuable tool in choosing a piece. You are connecting with the art and its creator.

3. Uniqueness - Find art that you love, not pieces to fill a specific space. Look for art that can stand on its own. Trying to match a piece perfectly to the interior design aesthetic of the room will remove the visual and emotional impact of choosing the right art.

4. Space - Understand the size of the space you are working with. What is in the surrounding areas. You may need to take measurements. Most art prints online are available in numerous sizes designed to fit your ideal space.

5. Medium - Explore different mediums available such as photography, art prints, canvas wraps and original paintings. Look for high quality when shopping for prints such as archival giclee prints that are designed to last longer. Knowing your price point range can also help you navigate options when browsing through each medium.

Top Categories To Consider When Buying Art Online:

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