All Birds Leave Home

By Lauren Ross
All birds leave home
Their time to fly is alone
Why should I leave this safe nest she inquires?
How will I know what transpires?
As she flaps her wings to take that leap
She glances out at the great wide deep
Where shall I go when the storms darken the day?
Where shall I go when the fog hides the way?
Alas, she leaps, and soars!
The sky is yours!
She flies all day
Letting the sun lead the way
As dawn nears its horizon a menacing cloud grows
She searches for shelter until something shows
A house down below has a nest
Placed on a porch she settles in to rest
How kind these friends are
To offer shelter for those afar
She falls fast asleep
And shortly wakes with a leap
The storm has calmed, the fog is thick
And a distressed sound from afar makes her act quick
Mr.Kind has lost his way
His headlights won’t work today
She flies to Mr Kind and says don’t worry
I know it may be blurry
I can lead the way and fly
Follow me from up high
So Mr Kind made his way home
Grateful to not be alone
You see all birds must leave home
And their time to fly is alone
But friends come from all places
And it’s wonderful to see their faces