Life is Art


I have never truly understood the phrase "I hate to be the bearer of bad news", because in theory the truth should set you free. Art is not a singular object, it is not just a painting, a sculpture, a movie, a building, a company, an invention, it is you and your life.

 For a moment if you will, travel with me 30,000 feet in the air. Look around at the magnitude of life, abundant life. People acting out their lives day after day, night after night. Now let’s head back down to earth and take a closer look.

 We are incredible beings, with magnificent abilities.

There is the teacher that can build and nurture thoughtful connections with the many and the few to take their mind and will to new plateaus. The entrepreneur that builds from the ether their imagination to become the new reality. The athlete that strives to be great everyday transforming their mind and body. The painter trying so diligently to build an emotional connection with you and themself. The inventor that will fail 500 times to succeed once with joy. The writer that pursues building a story that reaches your soul. They have built the art of their craft. They have practiced their art and developed their skill. Yes, these are amazing glorious feats to be celebrated, but that is not the totality of what art is.

 In todays age we tend to think of our career as our sole craft. But your craft is the result of you. You are a work of art, you are the creation and the creator. When you are not working, you may be a father, a mother, a friend, a confidant, that is a practiced craft. Every battle you have fought, every tear, every deep laugh, every embrace you have held, the long nights burning the midnight oil, has perfected you. When you look up and gaze at the stars and have a surge of desire to explore and pursue, you are shaping your path. Your unique divine journey and each individual step has crafted your life. The abilities and desires you were born with weave a complex network to create the one and only you. The design of your body, the networks elegantly orchestrating inside of you everyday just so you can breathe and walk.

 I now understand the phrase "I hate to be the bearer of bad news". Bad news should be liberating, it should set you free. Go boldly and move swiftly knowing you are the creation of all of your crafts. Art is not just a painting or a career path. Art is you and you are Art. 

Life is Art.