What Defines An Abstract Art? | What Are 5 Types Of Abstract Art?

What Defines An Abstract Art?

Abstract Art is the process of creating a new visual language that has not been seen from current worldly references. Although abstract art does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of visual reality it does utilize known elements such as colors, shapes and lines. 

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What Are Some Types Of Abstract Art?

Because abstract art does not depict visual reality, the breadth and depth of its possibilities are limitless to a degree. However there are some common types of abstract art. 

Here Are 5 Common Types of Abstract Art:

1 - Abstract Expressionism:

Serving to create an emotional effect, abstract expressionism draws inspiration from the natural world and distorts it to evoke various moods and ideas for the viewer and artist.

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    2 - Surrealism Abstraction:

    Typically illogical and/or unnerving scenes are used in surrealism art. It is designed to tap into the unconscious where dreams and reality coincide. 

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    3 - Color Field Abstraction:

    As the name suggests color field abstraction places the majority of emphasis on the choice of colors. The use of shapes, lines and brushstrokes is minimized to not take away from the impact and study of various colors, which is a form of language.

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    4 - Geometric Abstraction:

    This style utilizes shapes to depict an abstract version of things seen and unseen. Two types of typical geometric abstraction are either spiritual depictions or distorted visual reality depictions. Color is used to emphasize emotional resonance and/or create depth of perspective. 

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    5 - Hard Edge Abstraction:

    Similar to color field abstraction and geometric abstraction, hard edge abstraction utilizes color and abrupt lines or shapes to separate the colors. This process creates a new way of looking at reality. This form of art pushes the color code similar to the notes of a symphony.

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