Let Us Re-Make Love

By Lauren Ross


My Dear Friend,
You say you are over looked, and giving up
But I am here holding your hand
These have been too painful of moments, you cry out
But I see you, through heartache and loss
I bear with you, all of your thoughts
You have been confused, left wandering
I am your light, warm and inviting
My faith is your faith, endless
You have felt hopeless, in disrepair
But my heart swells for you are beautiful and captivating
I have only an abundance of joy waiting for you
You have doubted yourself, and worried in fear
But I see you as perfectly imperfect, for there is no comparison within infinity
Despair and suffer, you say have taken residence
Cheated and lied to, you tell me
But I say look around, I am everywhere
In the trees, grass, mountains, air, and sea
I am every song the birds sing
I am with you in the bottomless pit and on the highest cloud
Your heart breaks
And I give you hope
You feel lost
I give you light to find your way
You feel alone
And I give you friendship and understanding
You say you have lost time with shattered and silenced moments
But those seconds are your truth and story
For you are the eternal circle of life
Segregation you say has taken hold of your days
But I deliver camaraderie, peace and unity
I join with you everyday, I meet with you where you are
Your grief may feel strong
I will uplift you, intoxicate you with care
Enlighten you with the power of belief
For you, you see, I have no limits
My positivity and optimism will always be waiting
And I will continue to knock on your door incessantly
For my power has no shame
The truth is, I am not a stranger, and never was
I am the old and the new, patiently waiting for your return
My Dear Friend, I am Love
And it is time, our time
To re-make love again.