Sprinting Into A New Year

Lauren Ross Sprinting

It has become a tradition that on my birthday I go sprinting. 

Most of you know me as the founder of Lauren Ross Design. And yes, I am a fashion designer, artist, painter, actress and lover of all creative pursuits. Art has the power to cause conversations and shift the tides. But that is only one facet of who I am.

I am a fighter, an athlete, an adventurer, a wife, a daughter, a best friend, a seeker of truth and knowledge. I am a spiritual explorer seeking everyday for answers.

All of these facets make me the founder of the Lauren Ross Design that you know today. So yes, I am sprinting into a new year, not walking, not jogging. I may not have all the answers, but I do have the courage to find the answers.

Embrace the many sides of who you are, each piece completes the picture, and sprint fiercely and boldly into the future.

Lauren Ross Sprinting