A Letter to the New Year 2020

A Letter to the New Year 2020
1. Being a Creator will never fail or come up void, follow the Natural Law.
2. The one thing you can control and expand is yourself, choose your thoughts, actions, and time spent wisely.
3. Give everything that you want to receive.
4. If others do not understand your path, do not argue, it will only lead to another argument. Remember the definition of Friction.
5. The frequency you emit is greater and farther than your eyes can see or perceive.
6. Suffering does not make you strong, choosing to be happy makes you wise and courageous.
7. The words you use are 3 Dimensional, you have the power to create worlds.
8. Spend more time watching the Stars and Mother Nature.
9. Look for Synchronicity throughout your day, it’s not just a “coincidence”.
10. Nourish your body, it is your source of understanding.
11. Your small steps towards a goal everyday will produce a harvest in the future, You are always more capable than you think.
12. We may never understand the power of a seed, but it works regardless, use it wisely.
13. The Universe is consistently working for you and with you, slow down and look around.
14. Travel to as many new places as possible, the Creator wants you to see and experience the Creations.
15. Create your story and narrate the history.
16. Your wealth and abundance is determined by you, take heed of your choices.
17. There is nothing more advanced than what the Universe has already created, meditate on that.
18. Train like a warrior and your days will be calm.
19. Don’t settle for joy, live exuberantly.
20. To the New Year 2020, I embrace you and I challenge you, with wisdom and courage lets forge a new path to victory.