Welcome To Organized Chaos - A Contemporary Art Story

Welcome To Organized Chaos

By Lauren Ross

The streets are burning, pieces of trash drifting around like tumble weeds. I still can’t believe this is happening. On the eleventh floor sitting pressed against my cold window I can’t help but watch. It’s like seeing a horrific car crash on the highway, but now it’s every where you look.

The men dressed in all black, pushing and shoving people with their shields were brought in only two and a half months ago but it feels like an eternity. The protestors are unrelentless, but I don’t blame them. They raise their signs up into the air, as if hoping someone or something from above will erase the past.

I spot a young girl crying on the cracked sidewalk. Her father picks her up and looks around, as if knowing she has no future here. She couldn’t be older than six. I remember when my Ellie turned six. Pink cake smeared all over her face, a smile that could make a grown man cry and laugh at the same time. But those days are gone.

It was only three months ago when Harry, myself and Ellie were sitting in our favorite cafe. Actually, Café Des Croissants is how Harry and I first met. I walked in one sunny Monday morning ready for my usual order, and there was Harry struggling to hold his coffee, while situating his briefcase, pad of paper and well too many other things. Rushing towards the door before I could move out of the way, his hand tilted to the side and coffee went straight down his shirt. He pushed his glasses back up his nose, gave me a smile and kind apology for getting in the way. I offered to get napkins, and that was the beginning of forever.

Ellie loves the chocolate croissants. It became our favorite routine, every Sunday morning to stop by Café Des Croissants. Harry loved a double shot cappuccino and a plan croissant. I enjoyed the fruit tarts, and how Ellie loved stealing the fruit off the top every time I wasn’t watching. I still don’t understand. I got up to use the restroom for just a few minutes. By the time I was back they were gone. Millions of people, just gone.

It’s time. One of the men all in black is on his red megaphone, “Everyone must go home! Curfew begins in one hour! GO HOME NOW!”

Tomorrow is the start of a new world I suppose. Everyone is ordered to go back to work, back to school, and worse yet to not speak one word of what has happened. They think that we can go back to how things were, but that’s just not possible. I miss Ellie and Harry everyday, how can I not talk about it?

Tomorrow is a new day, a day of Organized Chaos.

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