Lauren Ross Design

Meet Lauren Ross - Artist, American entrepreneur, designer, model, actress, and author.

Luxury For A Spiritual Revelation.

"Every product I design is created to empower you to live your best life and realize your greatness." Lauren Ross

Lauren Ross Design is a global art and luxury lifestyle brand that blends contemporary design with the heartbeat of antiquities. The process begins with a painting created by Lauren. The abstract paintings are intricately designed to tell a story, start intriguing conversations and evoke emotions within the viewer. Inspiration for the paintings is drawn from spirituality, nature and history. Each piece is crafted with symbolism that can take time to unravel. Color combinations are carefully and thoughtfully chosen to stimulate the environment. The paintings are then used to design luxury lifestyle products. Every product has a story to be told, a history to be revealed.

Lauren’s background is an immersion of art and luxury fashion. Her formative years growing up in the country side developed her passion and keen eye for creating art in all forms. She went on to study at some of the most elite fashion academies, the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and Polimoda in Florence Italy. After traveling Italy and Europe for a year Lauren knew her calling was in the luxury space. She went on to work with Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC in Planning and Buying for over a decade with brands under LVMH and Kering. After years of creating strategies, financial plans and fine tuning her craft Lauren stepped away and started Lauren Ross Design. Her motto “Life is Art” stems from her truth that everything from paintings to luxury fashion, beauty, and home comes from art.


“I see art and luxury as a form of communication. It is the language of signs and symbols designed to last the test of time. I create art to speak to the soul and reach the spirit. Lauren Ross Design encapsulates art of the past and the future”.