Explore The Top 3 Tips On Selecting Children's Art

Tip 1. Colors matter for a child’s development. Welcoming a new baby is the most wonderful gift a parent can experience. While putting together the nursery it can be easy to overlook the importance of wall art. A full spectrum of colors and shapes is a science in helping our children relate to their environment. Embrace art pieces that can last the test of time for a new child.
Tip 2. Look for high quality art. Museum grade archival pieces not only can stay in a child's room from the first day coming home through early childhood; but it can also be an heirloom passed on. 
Tip 3. As your child gets older, expose them to various kinds of art. Encourage them to explore and vocalize what styles and colors they are drawn to. This is a perfect time to make them feel included in the process of choosing new art and colors for their evolving bedroom.