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Listen To Episode 01 of "The Positive Culture Podcast by Lauren Ross Design" Topics:

  • Why the name Positive Culture?
  • We will gain a deeper understanding of the meaning of Courage

"Courage is merely an end result to you desiring a different outcome to a specific situation" - Lauren Ross


Episode 01 on “The Positive Culture Podcast by Lauren Ross Design” 


Hello, we are finally here together, thank you so much for tuning in, this has been a long time in the making and I am so very excited and grateful, absolutely grateful for the start of this new podcast, “The Positive Culture Podcast”.  And a big thank you to my amazing husband Jeff for being so encouraging of this process, he will eventually be on the show in a later episode and I cannot wait for that. 

Ok let’s get started! Our very first episode is going to be on the topic of ‘Courage’. And believe it or not courage is not a simple topic and may not be exactly what you originally thought it meant. 

But… before we begin, I want to give you some insight into the name “Positive Culture” why it’s so significant and leave you with a better understanding of what you’ll be tuning into going forward. 

I like to call these the 2 rules of engagement. 

Number 1: Stay Positive - Because we are on the quest for truth, that inevitably means there are many various and diverse topics that need to be covered and addressed, so no topic will ever be off limits on this podcast. Just remember to be able to see the forest from the trees we need to stay positive and grow together.

Number 2: Culture - For those of you that have not been following my writing I am a lover of words and understanding the breakdown and root meaning of words. Cultura is the latin word for Culture, and in a very simple form it means the act of promoting growth. Feel free to look up the latin word Cultura and dive into the deeper meaning.

So there you have it! No topics off limit except to stay positive and within an environment that promotes and supports growth.

Ok. Back to Courage.

I’m sure at this point we’ve all heard someone in our life talking about courage. Maybe you heard an inspiring story growing up, or needed advise or maybe you were the one looking to muster up courage. And I’ve been thinking lately well what actually is courage. What’s really taking place, how did we get there and once we’re there do we actually understand what’s going on or is this another instance in life where you’re just navigating in the dark untill you stumble upon the light switch. I say, lets turn on the light, but without falling into the wall. If we can.

Courage, my friends, is the final act in a play. It is the moment that happens after so many other moments and processes have already taken place. Courage can not be mustered up and as some people like to say “Find some courage or just be courageous” well that is actually not possible. I know this probably sounds confusing so that’s step backwards. Courage is the last step after a moment in time caused you to evaluate a desire you have. Let me repeat that because I want this to really sink down deep. Courage is the last step after a moment in time caused you to evaluate a desire you have.

 Well, what does this mean. When something happens in your life that we would typically call a challenging moment, and lets be clear, this can be at any age, whether as an adult or growing up, we are being faced with our level of desire on that specific topic. So for example something happens to you that makes you uncomfortable or for whatever reason just doesn’t feel right. There is an internal process that then occurs where you have a desire for that moment and situation to be different. 

Now how different you desire that situation to be depends on the temperature of your desire. I know we all took science class at some point so stay with me here. A desire that is going up in temperature getting hotter and hotter is leading up to a courageous moment. A desire that is luke warm and getting colder is leading to inaction. Imagine you a holding a thermometer in your hand, there is a whole set of degrees, in one direction the train ends in courage in the other direction the train ends in inaction or what we could call compliance. 

When you are faced with a moment in your life, the most important step to take, I’ll say it again, the most important step to take, is to evaluate your desire. And what is that desire? It is the wanting of a different outcome, a different situation. So tune into yourself, and understand how badly do I want a different outcome. If the answer is I strongly want to change the outcome of this situation then you’re desire is increasing in temperature leading up to courage, if you look at the situation and realize it’s not that important to you or not worth changing for whatever reason then your desire is getting colder leading to inaction.

Ok so what does this all mean? Again we want to find the light switch easily before twisting our ankle, and falling over. I want you to start to understand that courage or inaction are not the important focal points, they are merely the last stop on the train. And your role in this life is to control what stop you get off at. So take the time to understand what do I really want from this uncomfortable situation and be honest with yourself. If you know you genuinely want change after hearing this then you can strategically and confidently move forward in the right direction knowing exactly what stop you are heading towards. If after evaluating you’re really not interested in the specific situation changing then you can be honest and aware of that decision as well. The important takeaway here is to understand yourself and when you hear about someone or even a character in a story having a courageous moment, the conversation should not be about that final moment, the finale of the play, it should be what were all the little moments, the various degrees in temperature change of that persons desire that led to that courageous moment. And when you understand this you can begin to not only create your destiny but actually enjoy the process even more, knowing that you have a specific stop and destination you are heading towards.

Listen, Courage is not a myth or fairy tale, it’s not wishful thinking and believe it or not its not some magical trait that only some people posses while others don’t. Courage is merely an end result to you desiring a different outcome to a specific situation. I’ll say it again so we can really demystify this together. Courage is merely an end result to you desiring a different outcome to a specific situation. That’s it. 

And I will leave you with this so that you have even more tools in your toolbox. Like I said earlier I am a lover of words so I will typically reference the original meaning of a word or at the bare minimum try to gain a deeper knowledge of the word. So courage, if you research its’ meaning is this, it is the "heart (as in the seat of emotions), meaning “ the spirit, temperament, state or frame of mind”. It reflects our innermost feelings or temper. And what did we just talk about, evaluating the temperature of our desires. And that my friends, is Courage.

Ok guys, that’s it. I would love to hear your comments, thoughts and any personal experiences you want to share. I know we all have a tendency to be quite on social media but this is a group effort that requires interaction to grow and learn and your participation is deeply appreciated and provides wonderful feedback for the show. You can find me on every single social media platform under the name Lauren Ross Design. Lauren Ross Design is the company I founded. We are a premiere global art and luxury goods company. Outside of my amazing husband and family who are top priority, it is my true passion and an incredible gift to be running a company that inspires others to be their best self through the joy of art and luxury. When you have a minute check out I promise you will love it! Contemporary art, fashion, beauty, homeware, skincare, handbags, and I could go on and on. But we’ll cover that in another episode. Thank you so much for tuning in to this episode I’m so excited for us to take this Positive Culture journey together. Send a comment to Lauren Ross Design, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, whatever platform you prefer and subscribe to the podcast. And I will see you next time. Until then…stay positive.

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