The Lost Temple Of Exuberance

By Lauren Ross

Before we begin, let me state this is not an article on “How To Find Happiness," or Exuberance. In fact it may be the complete opposite. This is a journey that finds you. Let me start at the beginning.

When planning the process of the painting, “The Lost Temple Of Exuberance," I had incorrectly assumed it would be one of the easiest pieces to create. To the contrary, it was by far the most difficult. 

You may be wondering how the idea of this painting came into being. Let me say, I have a deep appreciation for ancient studies, their civilizations, what knowledge they possessed, their spirituality, and what we can potentially learn from them. And I can’t help but wonder if they understood divine order and universal principles more than our societies today. Fascinated with these topics I felt compelled to depict my very own ancient temple.

Beginning the process of a new painting for me is creating a map. This map is very similar to what one would imagine an old paper map to be. When looking at the map you can understand how to get from point A to point B. For example, if you found a treasure map, you could determine where you are in relationship to the “X” where the hidden treasure can be found. The map will display symbols and signs to help explain the terrain and possibly which route is best to take. However, a map is only, at best, 50% of the picture, or painting. The map does not depict the colors you will see, the people along the way, how long it will take you, and most importantly what you will experience along the journey.

With optimism in tact, I created my map and began the process. At first everything seemed to be going smoothly but as I got further into the decision making process nothing clicked or looked right; I was stuck. With no inspiration to be found, I decided to take a break for a week. And what unfolded once I let the painting go was divine. When I started to paint again without resistance and the need to control the outcome, I let the painting guide the process. With each brush stroke it revealed itself, and before I knew it I was creating a painting I had never imagined. It was more magnificent and authentic than what I could have ever planned.

You see, we are creators of the reality we see around us. But, through the process of creating you will be forced to gain clarity, and honesty. I was forced to ask myself do you really know what exuberance truly is? Exuberance is not just a pleasant definition, it is an active living state of being that requires no resistance.  It is a Temple.

And so it turns out, there I was with my map in hand, thinking this will be an easy journey. I drew my own map, I could see the “X” symbol and I knew exactly how to find the treasure. In reality, the truth is the treasure found me, once I allowed it. It is the journey and through the process that we can arrive to our “X”; but only once we allow it.

Welcome to “The Lost Temple Of Exuberance”.