Unity is Blameless

Unity is Blameless: Every problem has a solution called the After-Math

Dear Humanity,

I hope this message will deliver a seed of positivity to you today. If the lines between revolution and evolution have become blurred let me offer food for thought. Revolution is a tease, a very appealing temptress, but sadly she is cyclical, her beginning and end will always meet. To break out and grow you must have evolution.
During times of confusion and uncertainty it can feel difficult to see the forest through the trees, but rest assured it can be done. Let us remember that being United is Blameless. I’ve been hearing the phrase “We’re all in this together” repeatedly lately, and although it rolls off the tongue easily and may feel sentimental I can’t help but state the obvious. It would be unfair to say “We’re all in this together” because everyone’s lives and situations are vastly different. But, what everyone does have in common is the capacity to choose. To choose how to respond, how to treat one another, how to act and move forward. We can choose to build the future. As the verse goes, “To whom much is given, much will be required.” We are capable of greatness, both as individuals and as a whole. Your intuition, logic, reasoning skills, all compose your invaluable compass. There has been much debate on where disasters come from. Are they natural, are they man-made? But I pose a new question for discussion. How do we move forward? By understanding the equation and solving the “after-math”. In other words, once an equation has been written, the “after-math” is irrefutable and unstoppable. What becomes crucial is our ability to choose, to plan and work together. If a hurricane was heading your way you would take very specific steps to protect yourself and loved ones. Once the storm had passed you would once again take very specific steps to move forward in the best way possible. Today’s equation is no different. Let us be reminded that unity is not dualistic, it works together, it is patient, understanding, strong and not divided. Let’s go boldly forward, solve the equation for hope, together, not separate.

Yours Truly,
Lauren Ross